Vocaloid Team

Hello there! We are the UoAAMC Vocaloid team. We are a group of people who enjoy making music and creating Vocaloid songs. The project group is divided into smaller teams which cooperate with each other to create a music video of the Vocaloid song. The music team is in charge of the composition. The lyric team writes lyrics for the composition (we do both English and Japanese lyrics).

The program team is responsible for lyric input and voice tuning using the Vocaloid program. The art team works together with the animation team to produce a music video. We have created an album “Crystalline Heart” of 5 songs,  and 2 singles, “For the world to see” (2014) and “Fantastical Journey” (2015), and we are currently working on more songs for 2018!

If you are interested in learning more about our songs or even joining the team, please head over to the ‘contact us page‘ and flick us an email!

Please also checkout our YouTube channel that is a mixture of full songs and previews of songs here.