Current Projects

Project Visual Novel

The goal of this project was to create a fully-fledged Visual Novel. The VN we are working on is called NGAT (Next Generation Aircraft and Tactics). It’s a game set in an alternate universe, in the not too distant future. The team has been interviewed by Comiket Japan and has been working hard throughout the year. We are looking for anyone who would be interested in contributing to this project!

Project Vocaloid

Everyone loves Miku! And everyone has the ability to create their own Miku songs. So we thought, why not us too! And thus we have already completed 7 songs including an album, Crystalline Heart. This year we plan to make even more music! Even if you aren’t a composer or lyrical writer, we still need people to make videos, art, etc… So why not join up!

Project Doujinshi

Doujinshi are self-published art books, usually made by groups of people in Japan. They can contain drawings, manga, fan fiction and pretty much everything related to Anime/Manga. Every year we collect art from members and when we get enough, will compile it into a Doujinshi book! Please come along to the Manga subgroup if you would like to talk about this more!


Are you interested in joining one or more of these projects above? Or perhaps you have an idea for the best project ever? Flick us an email, or talk to one of our club Execs and we’ll try our best to get any awesome projects up and running!