Founded in July 2013, the University of Auckland Anime and Manga club has been going strong for over two years. Most weeks we have an anime screening and an event (such as a workshop or quiz night). Our Executive team consists of nine people.  It is their job to make sure the club runs smoothly and plan for the awesome events throughout the year. If you have any concerns or suggestions during club meet-ups, seek them out, they are here to help!

The club was nominated for ‘Best Club’ in 2014 at the annual Club Awards Night.

The club was nominated for ‘Best Club’ in 2015 at the annual Club Awards Night

The club won ‘Peoples’ Choice Award’ in 2015 at the annual Club Awards Night

Sometimes people ask, “What exactly do you do?” which is a very tough question to answer. We do a large variety of things. If we were to describe them all here, this page would become a huge wall of text, but here is a summary of what we do:

We have Anime screenings every week, Manga meet-ups, Karaoke events, Quiz nights, Tutorials… Various teams working on everything from Visual Novels to Vocaloid songs (check out the Project Page). We go out to Dinner, play all sorts of Computer/Board Games and of course Socialize!

Sounds like something you want to join? Have any questions? Head over to our Contact us¬†page and flick us an email, or pop along to one of the upcoming events! (It’d be nice to let us know when you are coming beforehand!)

Our club mascot is Satou-San. He is a rabbit, and comes in many different costumes to suit the occasion. Check the Gallery out for more pictures of Satou-san, our promotional posters and more!